Latvia’s assistance to Ukraine: complete guide

HelpUkraineBot is a virtual assistant that provides verified information about providing help to the Ukrainian people and the country, and also helps with information about where and how to receive assistance in Latvia.

Reliable information about assistance from one source

To avoid looking for information in the entire world-wide web or overloading information hotlines, the virtual assistant promptly provides answers to the most topical questions on giving and receiving coordinated assistance during the Ukrainian war.

Virtual assistant is trained with verified information from trusted sources. To report any inaccuracies, please write to


Assistance, support and information hotlines for Ukraine


Information on donations: where, what and how


Trusted guide and information for those seeking and offering accommodation

Psychological assistance

Crisis and advisory centers, and the available psychological assistance

Legal assistance

Online and in-person assistance by certified legal professionals

Information pages

Public mass media, social media and verified communication channels

Information to companies

Information on how companies can help and provide assistance to Ukraine

Other useful information

All other information on receiving and giving assistance to Ukraine

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Any body, organisation or company can embed the HelpUkraineBot virtual assistant in their homepage in just a few minutes! No IT knowledge needed. Just send a request by e-mail indicating the name, contact person and the website where you plan to embed the virtual assistant.

About HelpUkraineBot initiative

To quickly provide and receive assistance to those affected by the Ukrainian war and to provide reliable and verified information, the language technology company Tilde has developed and trained an AI-based virtual assistant. It provides answers to the FAQ on providing support during the Ukrainian war by ensuring easy access to the latest information, as well as continues learning.